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    WBO, do you have any more info about Sprint availabilty, i.e. when we can walk into a Sprint store and buy one? There have been posts on this board from one reseller with supposed "inside info" from Sprint saying "in-hand" availability won't happen until Nov/Dec, but your earlier post indicated Sprint would be first out of the door. Can you shed any light?
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    So I guess we have to call around to SPCS mini mall stands to see who has one? Its odd that they have more mini mall stands than real stores but none are listed in their maps.
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    Will these unlocked units be available to Canadians who signed up for e-mail information and presently own a Treo 270?
    Darren Greenspoon
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    wbo ... did your contact person say when the unlocked gsm treo's would be available?
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    WBO, thanks for the info, taking great pics from the NYC event and taking orders for Tmobile! For those of us that want an unlocked gsm phone and DON'T have a current Treo, what will the expected price now(499?) and after the promotion? I have GSM with ATT and am trying to wait for the price to go down, but if it is as low as it will be, I might buy it. Any idea what Tmo, ATT, and Cingular will sell it for?

    I know a friend that has an old T180 that I could enter as the serial #. That might actually work.

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    Hi there,

    I am interested in knowing which current Treos qualify for a rebate (when buying the 600). AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $there$ $are$ $4$ $current$ $models$ ($90$/$180$/$270$/$300$), $but$ $do$ $they$ $all$ $qualify$?

    Also, does anyone know if it's a good idea to buy one of these past models on eBay simply for the serial? You'd think the cost would not make sense, but there are some selling for less than 30 bucks. If you save 100 bucks with the rebate, it doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

    Any thoughts? Thanks a lot!

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    That sounds great, i wasnt planning on buying a 600 since im happy with my 270 but if that discount is correct i would shurely upgrade. I just hope it applies over here in Europe.

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    WBO comes through again. It should be interesting to see what additional info we can get out of MP SF today.
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    In reguards to the qestion of software install, the manual for the 600 ( on FCC's website) states that you have to install (over ) the present version that you have of the Palm desktop. This does not delete any of your contact list ..etc. It just installs the proper drivers for the 600 so you can hotsynch and enter all your info I did this when I changed from the I300 to the Treo 300. No problems......

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