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    Ok, I just got my new Treo 300. First thing I wanted to do was get ringtones and such on the phone, so after reading this forum for a while, I decided to DL Ringo and SplashPhoto. I was hoping to have individual ringtones I uploaded for each person and a picture ID thing. Well I successfully got Ringo and Splash Uploaded on my treo. Then I first upload my own pictures into splash photo, and when I went into splash photo all my pictures were there perfectly. Then I cut some of my old midis and mad a .pdb(sp?) of all my favorite ringtones. When I looked in Ringo ringtone manager, they were there, they played fine, I clicked use as ringtone for all of them. Then when I wanted to assign my pictures to my individual people I went into Ringo and:

    First of all, I can't get my photos that are in Splash to be in my menu for photos in Ringo, I can only see the default garfield and cartoon ones???

    Second of all, when I go to assign tone, it says select the tone using treos own ringer selecter. When I go to the individual selectors (In speed dial and speed dial edit page), Only the default songs are in the pop up toggle bar, none of the ones ringo has. BUT, then when I go into my sytems prefrerences and ringers, my ringtones ARE in the toggle menu for the nonindividual generic selections (Known caller, Unknown Caller).
    Can someone please please help me???

    Thanks alot, your wisdom is highly appreciated.
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    thanks for the help but I found out on my own if anybody else was intrested. For the songs in ringo I think I had to beam them or something. And I found I couldn't use splash photo but like treo picture viewer.

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