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    I am trying to create 2 seperate calanders on my 180g. According to Chapura's website I can create 2 seperate calendars using PocketMirror 3.1.5 Datebook, by dropping down a listing arrow on the left side of the calendars screen.
    The problem is that I use Agendus v5.35 and I can't find a listing arrow on the agendus screen to do that.
    The reason i want to create 2 seperate calendars on my 180g is that I have sensitive information on one of my computers and the other is used by my office and it is public.
    Any help would be appreciated.
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    I think PocketMirror requires that the standard PalmOS Datebook file format be used. I know that Pimlico's DateBk does (and extends it for it's own purposes), but I'm not sure if Agendus uses it's own proprietary format or not.
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