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    I know this is a little far fetched but does anyone remember the Detachable Springboard Slot for Visor Edge? I never used the Visor Edge and I thought the design was funny but it gave me this tought.

    A simular design would allow us to use the GPS, OminiRemote, TotalRecall, JetLog, Bar Code Scanner, games, books/reference, 802.11b, Presenter-To-Go, etc modules that we still could find uses for. Obviously some modules do not make sense anymore (such as MP3 Players and VisorPhone) but it would prevent others from being a fully dead piece of plastic and metal.

    I know some are asking why bother. Have you looked how low Springboard modules are selling on eBay? Almost worth nothing but still some modules don't have a new SD idea simular to them.

    I'm not a pinout expert but I know others here are. Can it technically be done? I don't see why not seeing that they made Springboards work the other way (PiTech's Memplug) but I may be incorrect.

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    I really, really doubt it. First of all, if i remember correctly, the Springboard slot had direct interrupt and data leads to the 68k processor. I've lost the semantics a long time ago, but it was fairly different but extremely processor bound. Mind you, the springboard was invented a good time before Palm switched to ARM, so it wasn't that bad an idea.

    It was something like that, which means you could never really bring the Springboard onto something like the Treo 600 since the processor is completely different. (not even the right endian) That really sucks, I know. So much money in modules, and suddenly, "holy crap! no more springboard!"

    Maybe you could do it by emulating the 68k processor in your converter hardware; that hardware would be pretty expensive though, not really worth it for a couple el-cheapo Springboards.
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    I felt that was most likely the answer.

    I really wouldn't mind loosing the Springboards if the came out with SDIO cards to take their places. With the exception of Bluetooth and a FM Radio card, I'm not aware of any SDIO cards that work with PalmOS.

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