Currently a Treo 180 owner on Tmobile, obviously looking at upgrading to the Treo 600. Seems as good a time as any to look at mobile plans and with the Nov 24th phone # portability date, deals are probably gonna be available.

Question: I read of Sprint looking to convert GSM users over to their service and the CDMA Treo 600 for $299 after all is said and done. HS will provide an incentive for updating to the GSM Treo 600 which I can use with Tmobile, not sure of HS deal and cost after incentive. I have no contract restrictions now and wanted to hear from a few users of each service, especially data services, to assist in making a decision on carrier..and CDMA or GSM Treo. I am in the New England area and assume that both services would be competitive $ for $. Anyone play on those networks that can share their story?