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    Anyone else having problems with treomail servers lately?
    Since 9/23 the service operations center
    has not sent updates to my desktop. However mail is going from my desktop to the treo.

    There are no error messages on my desktop assistant.
    There are no errors on the HS web account.

    So I have the following symptoms:
    1) I get new e-mail
    2) Nothing I do on the treo makes it back to Outlook (read status, delete, etc)
    3) Mail I send from the treo does not get through (even though the treo thinks everything was sent)

    I sent a test mail yesterday. My treo says sent, the HS web page status says it was sent, my desktop assistant says nothing sent since 9/23.

    Is anyone else having similar issues? Has anyone else ever experienced this problem.

    Until now treomail has been rock solid for me.
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    I'm solid...solid as a rock. TreoMail with a 300.

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