Hey dudes

I hope you're all doing good --- any help, or tips, is greatly appreciated

basically, iCal won't sync with my palm pilot ------- address book is fine, but iCal won't go

At this point, I don't know if its a problem with my Treo 300 or iSync? iCal has created an Unfiled Calendar, and its also duplicated my main calendar within the Unfiled one, so I know that iCal is trying

Here is what I've tried -

1. I uninstalled and trashed everything with iSync and reinstalled, including reinstalling the Palm Conduit

2. I trashed various components of the Palm stuff, like old conduits ---- I also trashed EVERYTHING inside the Palm OS UPDATES folder (it wasn't working with the updates)

3. I have re-imported Calendars into iCal, and even made new ones

4. And of course, I've reset all devices --- which I'm kinda bummed about because it screwed up a lot of my data --- fortunately, I backed everything up on my iPod, but still, its a drag man

Here are some observations from my Treo 300 ---

1. My Palm app constantly wants to install a file called INSTALLER 3.5.3 ---- when its installed, my Treo says, "This is an old version, delete it" --- so I finally deleted it

2. My WIRELESS preferences weren't working for awhile because I had no inetlib, but I put that on now

3. I have AOL MAIL and it doesn't want to work either (I dunno --- maybe this is related?)

So that's about it -------- ANY help is REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciated

I don't wanna switch back to Palm Desktop - so please help me out folks