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    When the 600 was first shown a few months back, CNET did a vieo article in which they referenced the potential for it's usage on the Verizon network.

    I have since spoken to a commercial sales and service rep from Verizon who says the 600 is not in Verizon's immediate future.

    Then, at Mission Possible in Boston, Colligan says that they "are working with Verizon".

    What does it all mean?!?! Why the secrecy?!?!

    Somebody put my mind at ease... I'm so confused
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    My guess is that it is sprint does not want any competion from verizon, as they were instrumental in the dev of the CDMA treo600, they probably made Handspring only sell it to them.
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    I would suggest that both carriers want exclusive rights to the phone. Both are stupid to not push for the right to carry it altogether and HS really should be sleeping with anyone carrier who can ultimately drop them on their butts.

    You can put a T600 on VzW but you have to get one first. Just because they won't carry it doesn't mean you shouldn't get one.

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