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    Look's like 1xEV-DO will be offered in US s/p successful trials in Wash, D.C., San Diego. The Treo 600's MSM6050 chip is not listed as supporting this.

    I realize it will take some time for coverage to expand beyond these two metropols, but it might be a more desirable feature than wi-fi for future Treos. I see at these phones already exist. Japan?
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    Nope, the Treo600 will not support 1xEvDo. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $Sprint$ $is$ $going$ $to$ $totally$ $jump$ $to$ $1xEvDv$ $latter$ $on$. $Also$, $I$ $really$ $wished$ $there$ $was$ $a$ $dual$ $mode$ $GSM$/$Edge$ $Treo600$. $I$ $think$ $I$ $would$ $have$ $dropped$ $Sprint$ $if$ $this$ $existed$...
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    Originally posted by wireless-doc
    The Treo 600's MSM6050 chip is not listed as supporting this.
    Nope, it doesn't go faster than 153 Kpbs if you check here

    Interestingly, there is a built in feature called PureVoice that allows "Easy voice recognition addition to a unit without additional hardware".

    I wonder if this part of the chipset could still be used by somebody trying to create a voice command feature
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    Please note that Handspring had a contract with Airprime (I think) that was included in editted form in one of their SEC submittals - internal to that contract were mentioned NUMEROUS radio modules. Some of those modules implied stuff - like maybe this thread's topic:


    (At the end of this very long doc is the airprime contract)

    Which is to say - it could easily be "in the works"!
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    Originally posted by gfunkmagic
    Sprint is going to totally jump to 1xEvDv latter on.
    Thanks, gfunk. From my research on the Web, this is what is being reported about Sprint.
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    Airprime does have modules that support 1xEV-DO, but the 3420 does not. It looks like the 3420 does not even support all of the features of the MSM6050 like AMPS, R-UIM, USB Host, etc.

    I hope that the next Treo will use Qualcom's MSM6500 as this chipset supports CMDA 2000, 1xEV-DO, GSM/GPRS, and Bluetooth. Then you could truely use one device anywhere.

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