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    I'm not very knowlegeable about e-mail security.
    I am a physican. I want to use the T600 as my pager. BUT, my hospital-answering service tells me they require some encryption due to potential 'patient-information' leaking out. Sprint couldnt tell me much about it. Anybody have any info that may help. Thanks.
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    i dont think you can encrypt sms....its not supported by sprint....(correct me if i am wrong) but incryption has to do with how the server is built.
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    Various 3rd party email apps like Snappermail support 128 bit SSL encryptions. Also, while I don't beleive Sprint's SMS (actually "text messenging") supports encryptons, if you only use it as trigger for your email then this shouldn't be a problem. Anyway, its' soo hard to crack the cdma signal due to phase variance etc that this really isn't even significant issue...

    P.S. I also want to mention other email clients like Versamail that support SSL which may be important if you need IMAP...
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    The problem with intercepted messages is not some snoop "listening on the airwaves" but, for example, some dweeb mishandling some old harddisks or backup tapes (like selling them at surplus without thoroughly destroying contents first).

    The doctor needs encryption from his device through to the recipient's device or that private data, that gets "stored and forwarded" by Sprint, could EASILY get into someone else's hands.

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