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    I recent tried the free demo of Wireless Modem SW to use my treo 300 to connect my new Mac 15 powerbook to the internet. Worked flawlessly. I then read some of the posts here about Sprint not allowing it. I talked to Sprint customer service anonymously and the rep told me that Sprint could tell if a modem was being used versus the web browser on the phone. I asked how and she said they could tell because I would be dialing as a modem would. This seemed pretty flimsy but does anyone know if that is true or just a scare tactic. Wireless Modem dials #777 to connect but I assume that is the same way the phone browser connects. PPP connection over TCIP. Before I buy the full product (which I loved), can anyone tell me the risks of retaliation by Sprint. Does it happen? Can they tell? Would I just start getting charged 2 cents a kb for activity?
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    they sure can. My 1st bill from sprint was huge! I did a lot of online use with the treo alone, but tjhat is inlimited on spritn and I was just below my numbers on call totals. However, they claimed that I attached it to a laptop and that changes the billiing.

    The only hitch in thta is that at the tiem, I did not own a laptop or anything else that had an ir port other than a tivo and tv remotes.

    They were very, very quick to ghive me a credit and both they and i watch the bill 4 a few months and they also advised me 2 keeep a rough running total of my opnline usage for a few billing cycles.

    The unlimited online plan goes out the window, when ever they sense u r using it as a modem and trust me ur bill will need 2 be delivered by UPS instead of the PO for 37 cents. take care, jay
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    From your note it seems that heavy usage is the trigger. Casual usage by my treo or a laptop might not incurr a big bill. There have been months with heavy network usage on my treo 300 but so far nocomplaints from Sprint. I haven't really used my laptop for more that 10 mins of browsing so far. ( just to test the sw) I guess it makes sense that Sprint doesn't really want unlimited usage of their bandwidth. They shouldn't have pushed it as an unlimited plan, however. Anyone else had experience with Laptop usage?
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    The only way sprint knows that you are using it as a modem is that you are on different port numbers than those normally used for wireless web browsers...that combined with high data usage is a raised flag for sprint...if you are caught they can terminate unlimited pcs vision for life and it's back to 39 cents a kb for you...but they have rarely done that and i use it as well for light browsing....keep in mind when you use it that it floods the network...dont use it as a replacement ISP or bam bye-bye unlimited vision.
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    What port does the browser use? what port does a modem use?
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    depends on the website...
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    Assuming you are talking about TCP port numbers, it would be pretty hard for them to tell using them alone. Almost all web sites use port 80 for serving standard non-encrypted content, regarless of what type of system/phone you are using to view it.

    They could possibly tell if you were using programs on your notebook that have no equivilant for the Treo, for instance Kazaa. There are so many programs for the Treo now that use a wide range of port numbers (ie IRC, SSH, SMTP, POP, IMAP, HTTP) that realistically doing any sort of searching based on port alone is not feasible. Whoever watching would have to keep up to date on the very latest programs out there and what protocols/ports they use to know if it was available for the Treo or not. Even if they did that, there is no way for them to know that you dont just have your SMTP server located on a different port and you are simply using a Treo mail app.

    More likely they just look at total bandwidth usage and make the judgement based on that.

    As for my own personal experience, I use the wireless modem every couple of months for a day or two while I am on vacation. Usually it is just to quickly check my email and maybe surf for a minute or two. I've never heard anything from Sprint about it...
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    I use my treo 300 with my laptop using PDANET's program. I'm on all day at work with roughly 10+mb of data being received and sent. Mainly light surfing on the internet and mostly checking email and using msn or yahoo messanger. I've never received a bill more than usual for my service. I assume like the rest that you have the $10 unlimited data plan. All this data exchange falls under the data plan of the vision network. Correct me if I'm wrong!!!
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    if you read the advantage agreement it specifically says you cannot use your phone as a wireless modem. and 10 mb+ hardly qualifies for light surfing.
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    on a treo 600 10 MB plus is easy to achieve.. i would say that if you are doing 100 mb a day or more you might want to worry...
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    oh lol i used to do 10 mb and i got a call from sprint....
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    crazy... When I had hte Treo 600 for like 6 hours I transferred more than 20 MB..
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    wow...looks like sprints going to be on my case more than i am on theirs lol. but that amount on the 600 is imaginable, it loads a lot more than the 300. who knows...i'll have to wait and see, to bad sprnts ecare is as bad as it is.
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    Originally posted by miradu
    crazy... When I had hte Treo 600 for like 6 hours I transferred more than 20 MB..
    WHOA!! 20 MB in 6 hours?!! Damn...

    Anyway, according info posted in this thread a while ago, Sprint has a cap of about 1 GB / month before they notice any abuse. Below is quote from the indicated thread:

    After many phone conversations with Sprint PCS, my friend finally got his Vision service back after promising not to use it excesivelly. He was using a regular phone, NOT a Treo 300. However, several interesting things came up during the conversations:
    1. Sprint PCS started checking people's accounts MONTHLY for excessive Vision usage.
    2. Excessive Vision usage is considered anything above 1 GB / month.
    3. The department that is doing the checking and canceling of Vision is called the "Sprint PCS Loyalty Group" based in Florida. Their phone number is 866-828-0040.
    4. I called up the department and spoke to some guy named Walter about using a Treo with a computer. ANY KIND OF USAGE with a computer whether by a treo, a phone with USB cable or a phone with bluetooth, over 1 GB / month is being hunted down.
    5. Sprint PCS is NOT monitoring people's traffic, they only look at the monthly transfer amounts.
    6. Phone cables are available through Sprint PCS business department, RadioShack and Best Buy, in combination with metered data plans ($100/300 MBs). No unlimited plan available unless you have a connection card.
    7. No connection software for Treos
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