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    On this review from CNET they say that a docking cradle will be included:

    is this true or is it just misinformation?
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    My guess is that it's just the way the webpage's code is set up. It's probably dynamic and categories were already set up. Since PDA's all usually have a docking cradle (and not a sync/charge cable) this was just the term used instead of creating a new category for this one device's alternate connectivity since it was already like that. But everything else has listed the Treo as having a sync cable, not a docking station, so I doubt you have to worry.
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    They've also upgraded the processor to 200 MHz.
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    Cnet's not right.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Not good if you can't trust Cnet.
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    I used to think Cnet is one of the best review sites, but lately, they have just been pumping out crap.
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    Crap in crap out.
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    Cnet is not a notable 'good' reviewer. I've done PRPRPR $work$ $before$ $with$ $computer$ $companies$ $and$ $CNet$ $is$ $not$ $fun$ $to$ $deal$ $with$. $They$ $constantly$ $publish$ $errors$, $they$ $don$'$t$ $communicate$ $with$ $the$ $manufacturer$ $to$ $determine$ $what$ $the$ $specifications$ $are$. $The$ $coolest$ $thing$ $about$ $CNet$ $in$ $my$ $opinion$ $is$ $the$ $user$ $remarks$ $are$ $posted$ $on$ $the$ $webpage$, $to$ $me$ $that$ $says$ $more$ $then$ $the$ $review$ $itself$.

    Although, when I find myself looking for a new notebook CNet is the only site with a decent amount of content. I generally throw their ratings out and just look at the numbers and features, but the site is great because it puts all of the laptops (or whatever product) all on the same site.

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