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    With all of the new viruses going around, is there specific software out there to protect our future investment in the T600?

    If it exists, does it come with our new purchase of the 600?
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    There are only 3 known viruses for the Palm OS platform.

    " * Phage—Discovered September 2000, Phage has the distinction of being the first known Palm virus. When activated, it deletes all applications and files on the handheld.
    * Vapor—Discovered the same month as Phage, Vapor marks all Palm applications with the hidden attribute. Relatively harmless, a reset will make the application icons reappear.
    * Liberty—Liberty is considered the first Palm Trojan Horse. It was released as a so-called "crack" for a Gameboy emulator program called Liberty. When one activates the Trojan, it deletes all files.
    * Palm MTX—Discovered in October 2001, this virus piggybacks on the Windows MTX virus. The Palm code doesn't do anything malicious; it may be a concept test."
    tech republic )

    None of them have a method of spreading really, so I would not worry. If anything, the most a virus can do is force a hard reset, but you haveyour backups on your computer, SD card, and over the air through backup programs, right? I wouldn't worry.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Mirandu is right. There aren't a lot of viruses for Palm. However, there are a couple of anti-virus products if you still want to run an anti-virus program:

    Trend Anti-Virus for Wireless/PDA:
    Price: FREE

    Symantec Anti-Virus for Handhelds:
    Price: $39.95

    I've been using the Trend product on my 270 for a while without any issues. I'm hoping that it'll run on OS 5 as well.
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    MS users have more to worry about per se than PalmOS users.

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