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    I currently use a Treo 270 with Mac OS9. I plan to get the Treo 600 on Orange soon after it comes out. Will it work with my Mac OS9 or will I have to upgrade to Mac OS X to use it?
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    Since the current Treo line uses Palm Desktop, and Palm Desktop and Treo both have Mac OS 9 and OS X listed as being supported, I would guess that the 600 will support this. The 600 should use the Palm Desktop and Hotsync just like the current Palm devices.
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    This is a conjecture, but i belive that the treo will sync with a palm desktop that syncs OS 5 handhelds, so the OS X one should work, and if they have updated the OS 9 one, then that to. However, it also may require a Handspring specific version of Palm Desktop (The Treo 300? I believe did), which might mean that it will take longer, or not be available for OS 9.

    The question is, why are you still using OS 9
    -Michael Ducker
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    Thanks for the replies

    I guess I'll wait the few days till we know more, but if I have to upgrade to "X" to use the 600 (was hoping to wait till next year, when I'll replace my ageing iMac) I'll do so
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    I am running a Palm OS 3.5.3 device with Palm Desktop 2.6.3 on 9.1 and tried to get it syncing with the Treo 600 and was unsuccessful. I don't have the easiest setup, 8600 w/USB card. The sync starts, and then quits (removed all 3rd party conduits as well). I can install apps via the Hotsync, but the Contacts, Memo, and Calendar fails. No info in the log file.

    Tried to install the Treo 600 Software on OS 9, even though it states it supports AND in another place states it does not support Mac OS 9, go figure. Palm Desktop 4.x does not like Mac OS 9, I tried a handful of things, and couldn't get it to properly run. I had tried to get Desktop 4.x a year ago, and also failed. I think I might go the route of doing exports/copy the data to my iBook 10.2.8 and do the sync via that method.

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    Actually I could never get my Treo 300 to sync in OS9 so I doubt the 600 will. With the Treo 300, Sprint has said they don't support it on a mac at all!
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    Hello All,

    Handspring's Treo 600 DOES SUPPORT THE MAC, only Mac OS X though, 10.1 and higher.

    Anyone get the Treo 600 on Mac OS 9?

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    OS X has been around for 3 years or so. OS 9 hasn't been supported for years. Come on people....before you get the best smart phone, upgrade to a modern OS. You'll be glad you did!
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    Hope the 600 works - I wont upgrade to OS X as a matter of principle and I would assume that if Palm Desktop works the 600 will sync. Anyone try it?
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    Well, I've just ordered my 600 (UK/Orange). Will arrive early next week. I'll post with my experiences of whether it syncs OK with "9". May need your guys suggestions if it doesn't immediately work...

    (My 270 worked fine with 9, by the way)
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    I updated an OS9.2.2 laptop with the supplied CD.
    There was an unused version of 2.6 on it and the installer didn't properly delete the old installation.
    Second try it worked fine and then I used Now Contact/Up To Date conduits to replace the supplied ones.
    Seems to have worked perfectly.
    Have 2 more similar set-ups to do so hopefully they will be OK.
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    Hello pls,

    Amazing since I used Now Contact & Up to Date. It didn't work for me via Palm 4.0 on Mac OS 9.1. Maybe I should try to do the Mac OS 9 Helper to upgrade my Mac to 9.2.2.

    How I moved my data was to beam via Beam Pro the Memo DB, To Do DB, DateBk5 DB to move over my information from my older Palm to my Treo 600.

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    a HS employee posted earlier today in a diff thread (to lazy to look for it right now) that the 600 WILL WORK with OS 9.
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    Got my (Orange GSM) 600 yesterday. Put all my old Palm desktop software in the Trash and installed Palm Desktop 4.1 that came with the Treo.

    Chose a new user name (had previously synched a 270 OK using the old one) and tried synching.

    Have had variable results - with some error messages and partial syncs (have got my contacts and calendar synching OK) but sometimes it says it can't find the Hot Sync manager (when its there) or that its in the Trash (which is the old version). haven't managed to install anything through the hotsync for this reason.

    I'm no IT expert so I've really been just really fishing around for answers. I wondered does this version of palm Desktop work with OS9 or do I need another version?

    The GSM manual and installation CD only mentions compatibility with OSX but Kevin from handspring posted on this thread:

    and said it should work with 9

    Any advice greatfully received.

    Many thanks

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    This is OT, but related to this thread.

    I just bought a new top-of-the-line DVD player, with digital surround, etc., and need help. Will this work with my old 9" RCA black-and-white 13-channel TV? I am willing to modify the coat hanger I use as an antenna if necessary!
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    Originally posted by pparet
    This is OT, but related to this thread.

    I just bought a new top-of-the-line DVD player, with digital surround, etc., and need help. Will this work with my old 9" RCA black-and-white 13-channel TV? I am willing to modify the coat hanger I use as an antenna if necessary!

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