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    Sprint Treo 600: Time's Gadget of the Week

    Didn't see that this article had been posted yet. Not much info, but enjoy.
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    There you go, gadget of the week. And it's a no show. You think people will remember this gadget of the week a month after publication? mmm...

    All the parade of PRPRPR, $but$ $no$ $product$. $Talking$ $about$ $not$ $synching$ $the$ $beat$. $Of$ $course$ $I$ $might$ $miss$ $something$ $abot$ $this$ $new$ $PR$/$Advertisement$ $tactic$. $Maybe$ $this$ $whole$ $thing$ $is$ $just$ $one$ $giant$ $hype$ $to$ $pump$ $up$ $stock$ $before$ $the$ $merger$. $The$ $product$ $itself$ $is$ $secondary$, $heck$ $it$'$s$ $not$ $even$ $important$ $to$ $be$ $produced$.

    sounds like one of those 80's Wall street start up scam.

    (uh, naughty theory.)
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    From the article:

    A few things do bother me about the new Treo. Other camera phones have a hot button that takes you straight to that feature; the Treo doesn't. The Handspring folks remind me that all you have to do is press the Phone button then the right arrow a simple solution, yes, but far from cool.
    This can easily be changed by re-defining one the hardware buttons to launch the camera. There's soo many 3rd party enhancements that do this, it's quite frankly a stupid *** complaint imo...

    Secondly, he says the keyboard on the NX80 is easier to type on...well yaeah cuz its the size of a freaking banana!!!
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    > ...well yaeah cuz its the size of a freaking banana!!!

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    Maybe they are getting such great hype for the device because their are pre-production units out there and apparently the users/reviewers of those units love them. I doubt very seriously that HS/Palm are paying them off since they are not super strong financially, as you so often like to point out.
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    Originally posted by purpleX
    There you go, gadget of the week. And it's a no show. You think people will remember this gadget of the week a month after publication? mmm...


    Gimme a break. The article, and everything else, says the product release will be in October. Last time I looked at my calendar, it was still September. Wait until after October 10th (or whatever Sprint's launch date is supposed to be) and _then_ make the comment.
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    Well maybe if the gadget is as good as those fluffy reviewer believe, Handspring should have put the PRPRPR $campaign$ $in$ $October$ $AFTER$ $the$ $product$ $releases$. $Whereby$ $the$ $ad$ $serves$ $as$ $a$ $sales$ $driver$ $instead$ $of$ $hype$ $sustainer$.

    Of course the opposite is true if the device true capbility should not be known to general public because it will dampened sales. (I wonder why all the review so far is always vague on detail, but long on hype but short on basic details)

    ...just a thought.
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    Why didn't Microsoft/Motorola wait till the Mpx was closer to implementation to announce it? The only review of this device I have seen so far is some director at MS showing it off on ZDNET. This device probably won't be on US shelves for 6 months and they are starting the hype machine. Maybe you should start evenly applying your critisism to all smartphones instead of the ones that MS doesn't have a hand in.
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    Some seem to be invigorated by the faint hope that the 600 is late. I think this explains the return from the hiatus that was probably caused by the barrage of positive news that was tough to dismiss even for those who can totally ignore facts. However, as always, all that's contributed is taunting and more wishful thinking based on weak rumors.

    IMO the device will be out as most everyone is reporting (except the listing of a distributor ). Then, said individuals will probably be silent again.

    That would be too bad since I wish they could contribute with substantive posts that discuss features, uses, etc, without the childish "my dad can beat up your dad" type of attitude. We could all benefit from such discussions and there is nothing better than competition to improve the devices we ultimately choose to use. But I know I'm beating a dead horse. Guess it's hard for those who don't use any such devices.
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    Unfortunately this has turned into a "my dad can beat up your dad" thread. Done.

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