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    I sync my outlook email with the PalmOS mail app just fine on my Treo 600. I had to install the Palm mail app first by going into the "Palm" folder under the Windows "Program Files" folder and finding the mail install app and running it (this installs the Mail app/icon on the T600). Then I had to run the "mail setup" app which I believe was also in the same folder (this tells the Mail App what to sync with). Finally, I had to change the default setting in Hotsync from don't sync my email to sync me email.

    After all that, I decided to give BC a try and it works great for me such that I don't even use the "Mail" app anymore.
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    Thank you. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get the mail application on the Treo 600 and synchronize with Outlook. I always did it this way on the Treo 300, but the application didn't automatically install on the 600.
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