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    As many of you know, with the Treo 270 (as well as 180, 300) several hacks were necessary for easier operation of the Treo. Treo Button, Idial, and Switcheroo have made operating the Treo much easier. To those of you who have used the 600 - are these gaps in operation fixed, or will the hacks be necessary again? Also - if they are fixed, and we synchronize all our info from our old Treos to the 600 - will these "old" hacks harm the Treo 600 in any way? Many thanks.

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    As I recall from a few other posts, in OS5 you have to use an alternate hack controller like X-master. Hackmaster won't work.
    I'm sure some others who know better than I will give us the right scoop.
    I do indeed hope I can use most if not all of my hacks - I use them all the time, and really depend on them (CorrectHack being one of the most useful with the thumbboard)....
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    Thanks nrosser. I too use X-Master, and the hacks have really improved operation of the Treo 100%. Obviously, the issue of which screen the Treo opens to is solved, because there is no flip! But, jumping easily to applications is something I've really gotten used to.

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    X master won't work on OS 5. You'l need somthing like Tealmaster for system hacks which is OS 5 compatible. Other treo-specific apps like Treo button will probably have to be re-written by developers. I bet most of these apps will trickle out once the Treo600 is eventually released...

    BTW as I mentioned in another thread, for those rely on their DA's you can use alternative OS 5 DA launchers like QLaunch...
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