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    With all the hoopla about Sprint releasing on the 13th , now some say December.... etc... I wonder, could someone from Treo Central use their contacts and get a definitive answer on this matter?
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    As a group of Treo #1 fans, it seems like we don't get absolutely any special treatment from Handspring OR Sprint. What are they thinking? WE ARE THE EARLY ADOPTERS HERE! We are the ones who are going to cause the "Tipping Point" phenomenon for this product (Gladwell Book Vocab.). If anyone at these companies know anything about Marketing, you'd think they'd want to talk to us!

    Can the moderators do something about it? Or can someone else with internal connections ask? What's up with Sprint's distribution strategy? They must have advertising running on a certain date by which the T600 must be available! They MUST know.

    I'm basically sooo tired of waiting for this by now. I'm tired of checking Treocentral every single day 4-5 times to know what's going on, yet there's nothing new! They showed this product in June, for G--'s sake!

    Somebody help me, please!

    Anyone out there as frustrated as I am?
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    Yep... me...obviously. Hopefully someone will get the REAL information.

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