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    Does anyone know when and through what channel the Treo 600 can be bought in Germany? I assume the TREO 600 could be bought anywhere in the world and used anywhere (without a plan), as it is a world phone.

    Any thoughts?

    I can't wait to get one!
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    i think the only (and best) way to get it in germany (and austria, where i am from) is thru the handspring website. i ordered my treo 270 at, it worked out fine.

    the only drawback is, that you have to purchase an unlocked version, which is not price-subsidized by a carrier. but itīs rumored, that you get an 100USD discount, if you are an existing treo customer..

    greetings from vienna
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    correct me if I'm wrong but IMHO, last time it was for America HS customers only. I recall that I wanted to get a discount using my old good Visor serial number but didn't find the way. Hope this time HS will honour European users also.


    Kyiv, Ukraine
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    Treo 600 Sim-free is purchasable from the official Handspring Store in Europe at
    I ordered mine and it was delivered yesterday.
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