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    heres a less distorted view of the's not as bad as everyone claimed it to be...and like someone else said im sure eventually a lot of people will be saying, "I wish my phone had that."
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    That bulge is nothing....people just wanna cry about something
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    This is what people posting here r having a cow over? big deal it isn't even a buidgel it is a slight bump and BTW last tiem I looked, ears have a hole and this slight bump fits into it better. Perhaps it sounds better due to the bump. It is fine, I cannot beleive all of the complaints over NOTHING! take care, j
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    I remind you that just because it is less distorted doesnt mean it is distort-free, and that one cannot take a 3D thing and out it in 2D without some distortion...meaning that even though it is less distorted, it may be bigger, smaller, uglier or better than what you see in the picture...the true 600 remains yet to be seen...videos make it look much smaller so one who hasnt physically held or seen the 600 itself cannot say they know what the "bulge" really is....
    Treo 300, Treo 600 - Sprint

    I dream in code and TCP/IP sequence numbers.
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    who in the hell cares?!!! do you people have anything else to friggin complain about or over- analyze?!! wait till the gotdang phone comes out & you see it in person before you start all this pointless whining! jeez louise. what is this world coming to where people have so much anger for something as ridiculous as a CELLPHONE?!!! people, get a grip...
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    Looks fine to me. And probably a really good shot fo the SPCS model anyways.

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