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    FYI, this is an equation I picked up some time back and have kept in a memo in my Visor/Treo ever since (there was a time there that I had an MP3 Springboard):

    (((kbits/sec)*(sec))/8)/(1024) = MB

    But my knowledge of computers is spotty so I can't go through that and explain in detail the conversion factors...something about 8 bits per byte or something...sorry to sound like such a dunce here. So anyway, there are a bunch of extra ()'s in there, but if you re-arrange it you get:

    kbps/136.5 = ~MB/min.

    So that should allow you to figure how much music time you can fit on a certain memory card. I like to measure it in time rather than "songs" since I will invariably end up with "songs" like Mountain Jam on the card, which clocks in at ~34 minutes and wrecks all those estimations of how many songs you can fit on a card.
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    I've never seen a 512MB SD card for $99 in the US. But I've seen plenty of 256MB cards for $65 (bought one already even). Seems much cheaper to just buy two of's not like they take up a lot of space

    In case anybody is interested, I thought these devices would be pretty useful/cool for moving data between your Treo, the SD card, and your computer (I got the one with the 256MB card back when it was on sale, the link is for the 32MB version).
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    I bought a 256MB SD Card at a Sam's Club Warehouse for under $50 last week. I think someone mis-priced them because when I went back for another one the price was back up to around $75. Oh well, I should have bought them out when I had my chance.

    Can't wait to use it in my Treo600 next week.

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    Originally posted by jhoff80
    Actually if I was you I'd use the Ogg Vorbis format for encoding for your Treo. I've been told that Ogg Vorbis sounds better than MP3 when using lower bitrates, although I haven't been able to test that really.

    Edit: I should add that both Aeroplayer and Pocket Tunes can play the format.
    So where could I download software to transfer .wav to Ogg Vorbis. Also .wav to .mp3 and .mp3 to Ogg Vorbis. I am kind of new to using mp3's but am very excited. I want to get a head start so I have a whole bunch ready for my treo600.
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    By the time you are done playing with the camera and listening to your MP3 music, I hope you will have enough juice left to receive incoming calls and email.

    I'm excited about the idea myself but I predict the T600 will be usefull for only a couple of hours.
    Visor Deluxe, Prism, Visorphone, Treo 270, Treo 600, Treo 650, and am eagerly waiting for the next generation Treo...but that the iPhone????
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    I use dbPowerAmp Music Converter to convert my music. Thats partially because dbPowerAmp not only supports wav, ogg, and lame mp3s, but also the Lossless formats such as flac.
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    Anyone who is a big drinker in Boston or northern MA knows where the Pheasant Lane mall is.

    Ogg Vorbis is the best. I've got 90% of my music in MP3, but I'll probably move to Ogg Vorbis when I have a spare billion hours to transfer it all.
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