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    There was so much discussion about the browsing experience that I thought it might be useful to dedicate a thread to what people are thinking they will do for browsing on the T600:

    1. Would you use Blazer 3.0 given the pros & cons? (ie. ability to process Javascript vs. lack of speed)

    2. Would you use a browser other that Blazer 3.0? I don't have a Treo now, so I am unfamiliar with the options out there. (Sounds like the ability to force your browser to use lower-res or B&W images is a good way to maximize speed. I've read that because Blazer 3.0 doesn't use proxy server that you can't force it to do that.)

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    I would say setting the browser for speed vs color/quality of image. The times I need a browser on the road I really won't need HiRes color but something to look up quick.

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