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    Hi, I just got a letter from sprit that they will give me 5% off if I sign on 4, a 2 year contract by sept 10, of this year.

    Do u think I could press them 4 a better price on a sprint treo 600 since I am an existing sprint cust, perhaps I can squeeze them toward a cheaper price on the treo 600 since they are already giving a cheaper price to new cust.

    I think I had read a thread a while ago, that sprint tends to be price acommodating during resigning. However, I do not remember if that was flexiable on phone pricing or pn contract pricing. Any input?

    I tried to talk to sprint about it, on the phone, but they are not yet discussing the treo on the 800 # until they get them.

    If you think they are willing 2 deal, is it better 2 try it in person @ a sprint store or on the phone or online? thanks and take care, jay
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    What's the difference between getting some percent knocked off your bill and getting a discount on a phone? Six of one, half a dozen of another if you ask me.
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    I think the difference here would be that if you are short on up front purchase cash you'd be better off with the phone discount. In the long run, the 5% works out better but that depends on your monthly bill and how long you intend to stay with Sprint. My bill averages $125 a month so if I just stay with Sprint for a new 2 year contract my discount adds up to $150.00 ( $125 x 5% = $6.25 x 24 months = $150)

    By the way, If anyone gets a Treo 600 by no means should you tell me where you got it!!!
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    I've been with sprint a long time and I've yet to see them give myself, a friend, or a family member a deal on plan price unless they had USAA insurance or were a "partner" employee.

    I have seen them do deals with phones but it was with a phone that they've discontinued. That happened at a Sprint store.

    When I was trying to haggle my way into a better deal with them the last time I was between contracts they were going to let me leave instead of giving me a better deal on a new phone. I didn't want to lose my number at that time so I wasn't going to leave and they probably sensed that it was an empty threat.

    I'm guessing that your mileage may vary on the leaving threat. I've just moved to a new city so I need a new number anyways and I'm going to see what I can get out of them now. I'm not sure I'll go with Sprint since reception at my house is spotty to non-existant but if I can get a good deal i spend little time here anyways.
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    As a reseller I can tell you that if you are out of contract, and you spend money with them (i.e. you're not on a 35$ "I never use it" plan) then they will most definitely deal on new phone prices AND better plans. Talk to their "retention" department. Be nice, not threatening, but make it clear from the get go what you want. Alot of the time they will give you a better plan AND credit your bill for the amount you wanted off the phone. Unfortunately you have to put the money up upfront and then recieve a service credit, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. At the risk of sounding insensitive, if you don't have the upfront money maybe you shouldn't be buying the phone right now.
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    I can say the VzW retention dept does work. I was not happy with my last plan and the deal I had not agreed to being put into effect. I was able to upgrade early, get the plan and phone I wanted for a new 1 year contract. Sucks I have 8 months to go. I may just have a Spint &verizon phone.

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