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    What does the Treo 600 come with?

    How many Mb can youupgrade it to?

    Anyone know?

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    It was reported that Orange includes a 16MB card with thier Treo, but I don't recall anythinng about the other carriers. At least with digital cameras, it is the tendency of the makers to bundle only small or no memory cards with them.

    There was t a thread that ndicated that Handspring succcessfully tested 256MB cards and they did not see any reason why 512MB cards would not work
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    Actually I believe it was that they tested 512 MB cards, and didn't see a problem with 1 GB SD cards working.
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    I know there was past issues with certain brands (SanDisk) and sizes over 128MB. But since HS put in an MP3 Player and a camera they most likely fixed whatever limitation problem there was. After all how lame would it be we be if we had to carry like 8x128MB cards just to get music and pics etc.
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    The information about the supported SD cards in this message with all the info I collected during the Orange developers seminar.

    The post was a little buried because of all the Mission Possible posts
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    Thanks for the link.

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