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    It's probably already been addressed already somewhere, but here's my question:

    Does anyone know if the programs that are supposed to run only on Palm OS5 High Res will run ok on the Treo 600, or do you need to run the older low res version?

    For example, I just downloaded the latest version of Bejeweled from handango's website. Within the downloaded ZIP file, there was a regular, low res version of the game and there was an OS5 high res version of it. The high res version has music and enhanced sound effects (and of course, higher resolution). So, would the enhanced OS5 high res version work on the Treo 600 - but just at a lower res? Or would I be stuck with the older dull version...
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    Each developer will need to add support for this 160x160 screen. I noticed at PalmGear (getting ready again) that Zlauncher has support for all resolutions from Palm & Sony so it won't be long if they expect to sell their apps to new customers.
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    Handyshopper's listing in Palmgear says it supports Sony hi-res, Palm hi-res and palm standard (160 X 160) and goes on to say, under OS5 support, that it supports OS5 enhanced. Elsewhere it says it supports Handspring. Other apps are silent on supporting Handspring but say either OS5 or OS5 enhanced under OS5 support. Neocal has a similar listing but without specifically mentioning Handspring. Does this imply that it will work on the Treo 600? That is, does the listing of 160X160 and Palm OS5 enhanced support mean that it will work on the Treo 600? Or might it work on Palm 5 enhanced and not work at the lower resolution even if it works on Palm 3 and the lower resolution.

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