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    I only had a chance to play with the Treo 600 for a few minutes earlier today at the Boston Mission Possile event (talks went on a bit too long and I had to get back to work). The device is VERY impressive, as expected. However, my concern, albeit only based on minutes of testing, is the keyboard.

    When I used it I felt very cramped and I made mistakes in the sentence or two that I typed. My question to those who have recently tried the device in this and other events: What do you think of the keyboard?
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    I made a ton of mistakes too at first. I wasn't sure if that's because the keys are too close, or if it's because they're not where we expect them to be from the 300/270. After playing around with it for a few minutes, and looking at the KEYBOARD, not the screen, I had no problems. It will take some time to build up speed to where we're at on the 270/300s, however.

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