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    I hope this has not been worked over before but I didnt see this anywhere...

    I am considering buying a Treo 180 or 270 and would like to know if they can be used as a kind of modem for my Powerbook. I currently use a SonyEricsson T68i with Bluetooth to connect to the net wirelessly on the road, but I would like to ditch this phone and just use the Treo if possible for this function.

    Any help or hints would be appreciated!
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    Check out NotifyMail for wireless modem app:
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    Thanks for the help!
    Is the "WirelessModem" working through the GPRS services? Or am I dialing to my ISP via PPP?
    What speeds do you usually get?
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    I'm actually not a Mac user and have never tried their app but have read about it many times here. There is lots of info, do a search for "wireless modem" and I'm sure that someone will also chime in who uses it and can answer your specific questions.


    Scott Gruby is the author of Wireless Modem, he frequents this site often and here are links to all of his threads:
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    im not sure about mac compatibility but pda net is great too...WirelessModem is good only if u have mac because theres already a driver written up for mac USB...none for win yet.
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