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    Just got off the phone with a Supervisor from Sprint. My Treo300 Lid broke again exactly where the last one broke. I called Lockline which is the Insurance Comapny and because I had to replace it in April they informed me that I would be dropped from their insurance plan because of excessive claims(2 w/in 12 months).

    This would have sucked because I am getting the Treo 600 when it comes out and would like to have the insuance protection.

    Good News. Sprint said they would replace the phone even though it is physical damage because they realized the lid has a problem and I wouldn't have to pay the deductible and it wouldnt count against me as a claim.

    She typed a note in my file for when I go to the Sprint Store. Wish me luck that at the Store I dont get a knucklehead.

    PS Notice in the beginning I said a Supvsr. The rep kept telling me to call Lockline insurance again.
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    Don't sweat it man. I've taken my phone right to the store with the same lid-break problem. They replaced it no problem. Don't even deal with the insurance company. They suck. I've had 8 Treo300s. Sprint replaced seven of them, Lockline the other...

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