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    I don't attack posters or posts. I debate them. We are here to discuss ideas. I discuss ideas of posts and personalities represented by usernames (there are no people here to attack).

    I mentioned you in my post without attacking you personally. It is useful to spot trends. I spotted a trend in your posts that I was sharing with everyone openly, honestly and without attacking you.

    Part of the pattern I spotted is a history of trying to propagate negative rumors. I thought it was relevant to the discussion that other negative rumors you have delivered to TC before have not panned out. It goes to the believability of the rumor.

    All this was done without attacking you, but by stating facts.
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    The poster is never relevant when the facts of the matter are clear.

    The facts as noted in the first three posts of mine are clear, like them or not.

    Is the Sprint TREO 600 delayed til the end of November?


    TREOCENTRAL - please remove ENTIRELY all posts by silverado in THIS thread and ANY posts of mine that you think are irrelevant.

    Let's get this back on-topic and get the question(s) answered.
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    According to 2 different Sprint reps I have, and my 2 master agents, the Treo 600 shipping dates have been pushed back to the "end of november/beginning of December".

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    Thanks for the fast response.


    For my irrelevant detractors who think I am posting:

    == The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

    when I post a question ASKING:

    == Is the sky falling?

    a piece of the sky just hit you on the head.


    You have my sympathy.
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    Let's not get to worked up over the launch dates...I think it'll happen in early October. Handspring has a great new product that will live up to the expectations set by all the hype. The device is good at all functions...the screen really isn't lacking, especially when you consider the extended battery life. (The battery in the 600 must be made by Energizer -- it goes and goes...) All I can say is get your greenbacks ready for the's coming soon.
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    > Let's not get to worked up over the launch dates...

    If one is going to buy a TREO 600 it doesn't really matter if the TREO 600 has already been released to the public, will be in a few days, or will be in a few months.

    If one is thinking of taking a position in HAND or PALM ==stock== (or has already taken one), however, it matters VERY MUCH and is VERY IMPORTANT.

    > ...I think it'll happen in early October...

    We now have it on fairly good authority that what you think is hopeful wishing rather than reality.

    And it's important for those of us on the financial side NOT to deal in hopeful wishes, positive or negative as they may be.
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    Thanks for the fast response.


    For my irrelevant detractors who think I am posting:

    == The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

    when I post a question ASKING:

    == Is the sky falling?

    a piece of the sky just hit you on the head.


    You have my sympathy.
    The question "Is the sky falling?" is posted by some users seemingly every week. It hasn't fallen any of these times. I'm sure that's the reaosn for the frustration they show and the use of extreme language.
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    In a matter of about 2 weeks or so this will all be ancient history. And with regard to the amended 10Q's ... it is not at all unusual for a company to restate their earnings or post amendments. In particular with a registration having been filed and a pending merger we will most likely see a lot more filings from both Handspring and Palm.

    I really don't see this as a cause for concern. Quite the contrary, with a pending merger and a shaky economy the outcome of this product release will go a long way towards reestablishing both Handspring and Palm customers and investors in the financial strentgh of their future. Credibility is everything right now.
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    Let me suggest that you simply read the SEC filings. When more than one of the same filing comes out, it typically means that the subsequent filings are amended. Doing a quick scan or a document comparison can quickly show what has changed from one version to the next. This should yield the information you want. If you are not interested in doing this, then it suggests that silverado may have been right -- you are simply trying to propagate negative rumors for your own benefit. While that seems unlikely to me, you could easily help your case two ways by reviewing the filings and posting your observations: (1) you'll know the "truth"; and (2) your reputation will be enhanced or preserved, which should help your continued mission to get good information for your investment analysis.

    If I have a chance later today, I will review the filings myself and post info on them.
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    I spoke to the manager of my 'local' Sprint store and he said, yes, before the middle of Oct, for sure. They have no 300's left and think they will have them in stock by this Friday.

    So, who to believe? Well, I'm going with DrDoom ... he has always been straight with us.

    BTW, Doom, have you sent Minion to that warehouse yet? Jax is only about 4.5 hours from West Palm, 3.5 if I press! Just let me know when & where!
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    [note - we've diverged but that's okay. The original question has been answered completely]

    Releasing an amendment to a very large, very important financial document is not very interesting - happens all the time.

    Releasing THREE consecutive amendments (at least!) to a very large, very important financial document in rapid succession is HIGHLY unusual and needs explanation since it says OUTRIGHT that someone made some sort of gaff multiple times.


    Once again, the poster IS NEVER RELEVANT no matter what that poster's bias - for example, you won't see me asking what silverado's financial stake in HAND or PALM stock is in this nor what craigdts's is nor rvwink's - I leave that for Yahoo.

    But if any of these guys say "The sky is purple" and I have evidence that the sky is instead blue, I'll note that.

    And the same thing should apply to me.

    I've never hidden my view about the financial side of HAND nor PALM - they are failing companies, the evidence totally supports that, that's why I'm down on them. I have no financial position in HAND nor PALM - my last position was in HAND but was closed out more than a year ago (more than two years?...I forget).

    I remain negative toward the companies and the financial future of the products they offer but that doesn't in any way change any of the facts. I'm also CONSIDERING a short in PALM soon but once again that doesn't affect facts (and, I might note, one usually wants the price to RISE unjustifiably when one is considering a future short! Ha ha Ha!)

    And the facts are as I've stated them.

    You want to discuss ME in ANY way AT ALL go over to Yahoo where that is the norm.

    You want to discuss ANYTHING I ==POST== about HAND or PALM or TREOs then GO FOR IT! I encourage it entirely!

    But, literally, leave ME out of the discussion!
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    Seems that there is some serious confusion here.

    Presumably, Seldom, you believe that posts should not contain ad hominem attacks on the individuals who have posted their opinions. I do not think that is a controversial statement.

    That said, this is a "discussion" board. Surely observations and opinions about the contents and opinions expressed in other's posts lies at the heart of what a "discussion" is.

    If you really believe the position you appear to espouse, you should take more care not to attack posters who are simply stating facts or their own opinions. If someone takes a consistent position in many, many posts, it is not unreasonable to make that observation. It is not an attack to observe that someone tends to be more interested in finanicals than in products, that someone's predictions have seldom come to pass, nor that someone tends only to post issues on a certain topic. That is merely the "what;" a statement about the "why" might rise to an ad hominen attack, but an observation of the "what" cannot, by defintion.

    Seldom's position is further undermined by the fact that he is the only poster in this thread who has attacked anyone.

    Back to the debate.
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    I humbly disagree.

    As with every single attack on me in the past and ALL the attacks on purpleX, they came from those who could not respond to the content of a post so engaged in ad hominem attacks,

    ALL the responses to those attacks have incorrectly been pointed out as the cause - as you have just done.

    I'm DISGUSTED with ad hominem attacks and will NOT tolerate them lightly - I sincerely believe TreoCentral should AX any and all posts that even HINT at talking about posters rather than the posts they have made.

    There's NO place for it.

    It is IRRELEVANT (*).

    It shouldn't be.

    TreoCentral should delete them.


    (*) If The Devil himself goes onto a message board and posts "Lucifer is swell!" then it is TOTALLY irrelevant WHO THE POSTER IS OR WHAT HIS AGENDA IS OR HAS BEEN OR WILL BE FOREVER!

    All that is important is the statement "Lucifer is swell!" and whether or not it is, was, or can be supported or refuted.

    When =I= post a note asking "Is it true that Sprnin said get lost?" then it doesn't matter if I think Handspring is demonstrably a failure or even if I have a huge short position in its stock and want to drive the price down!

    The ONLY important item is the question "Is it true that Sprint said get lost?" and its answer.

    No kidding.

    WHen I get outraged at silverado's INCESSANT attacks on ME rather than my posts I am MORE THAN WILLING to have them ALL deleted permanently by TreoCentral but I'll be damned if I'll let them pass.

    Talk about crap - that's it!

    And, hey, if youi don't BELIEVE me about HIS agenda - here's every post =I= ever made - find the UNSTATED HIDDEN bias!:


    and here's every one he made!:

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    We at TC are taking an increasingly tough line against these type of digressions. Please stay on topic. Thread closed.
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