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    I would love to be able to play archived radio broadcasts (esp. NPR) as I do on my laptop and links on their website using RealPlayer. NPR also has streaming using or Windows Media or RealPlayer or Quicktime. Does anyone know of a way to make this work on a Treo 600. Would be great to listen on the fly while out in NYC, without having to manually transfer mp3 files versions of them.

    Any ideas?
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    No streaming audio yet on palmos, however mmplayer should be able to do this shortly...
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    Whatever happened with that partnership between real and Sprint that was supposed to offer services like this? I've never seen It on sprint's site...
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    Ptunes is supposed to be able to play shoutcast streams. They should play when you click a shoutcast link in Blazer. And you can load them from the file menu. I think you do need the deluze edition though.

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