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    As we get closer to the T600 launch, I am uncertain as to what I will do - upgrade to a T600 or get a Blackberry. Here are more of the details:

    - Current T300 and purchased it originally, mainly to have access to my work e-mail while travelling (I travel 2-3 days a week).
    - I use Sprint BC to retrieve my Lotus Notes e-mail (I have no POP3 alternative). I think BizConn sucks. It works about once out of 10 times.
    - After I purchased my Treo, my firm started supporting Blackberries on an enterprise level. The Blackberry e-mail I think is still the best in the market and comparing it (with enterprise support) to the Treo using a desktop solution like BizConn is no contest.
    - While my firm is supporting Blackberries, the employee needs to purchase the device. So, either way, I'm out several hundred bucks.
    - While I like the Treo for its Palm/Wireless data solution, I think the T300 is a bad phone.

    I like new gadgets so I'd like to support the next generation Treo, but I don't know if it makes the best sense as a Blackberry alternative.

    Have I overlooked something? Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.
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    If all you're looking for is an e-mail solution for the enterprise, the Blackberry is your best bet. It works out of the box with no screwing around, and the e-mail solution is leaps and bounds beyond anything for the Palm platform at this point.

    Where you'd rather have the new Treo is if you need other connected services than e-mail, For example, I use VNC (a remote control program) and a telnet client to do quite a bit of my work on the road.

    Also, if your organization is supporting the BES, the wireless featuresfor a connected Blackberry are really amazing (Wireless e-mail reconciliation, wireless calendar sync and, soon, wireless Contact sync). In a few months, you won't really ever have to cradle your Blackberry.

    Again, I point out, I dumped my blackberry last August and haven't looked back because there were possibilites for me that just didn't exist on the RIM platform.
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    Unfortunately, I think you're right. Honestly, one of my biggest regrets would be to give up Palm applications that can be loaded on to the machine (i.e. interactive airline and train schedules).

    I've never used a BB before but my guess is that there are very few third-party applications that are written for it.
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    We use a software package from Synchrologic that has the vast majority of the features of the BES softare. Everything syncs up over the air (I never sync my 300 through the cable). This includes contacts, calendar, mail, and notes. You can even push down prc's to the phone (though that is an additional function that costs more). The software allows you to push email, contacts, etc any time there are changes (with rules to filter out what is pushed). You can also sync the GAL with your phone, or just pick certain distribution lists to sync (all the members of the DL will be added to the contacts DB on your phone). This is very useful, especially since they are listed in a separate category (GlobalAddrList) so that you can keep them separate from your other contacts. All syncs are 2-way over the air. Are there any other significant features that the BES server has?

    I wanted to mention that we also have a large base of Blackberry users, but both solutions are supported (BES and Synchrologic).
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    As a Blackberry user, I can tell you that the wireless reconciliation aspect (email, calendar, soon to be contacts) is the best thing next to sliced bread. It seems so basic, but it's amazing how addicted one becomes. If the Treo600 can be just 50% as good as a Blackberry in this respect then I will be happy. The availability of thousands of other apps for the Palm format is too much to overlook. There is a measly selection of apps for the Blackberry.
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    I guess your issue will boil down to how much investment your firm has in the Blackberry server software - I would guess it's too much for them to install something ELSE for you alone (I'm in the same boat). There are overall solutions out there that equate to the total RIM experience (Good, Visto, etc), but most IT folks, logically, don't want to get a server license and a single user license, just to serve one dude who wants his separate device supported via the server.
    The other option is to get your IT folks to get the Good server software - it'll support the current Blackberry devices you have, wirelessly (even better than the current BES software, as KKenna indicates), AND support your 600. Cost and transition issues unknown though - but Good is certainly in the business of replacing BES whenever possible, so you'd think they have that down, both from a financial and operational standpoint.
    Get with Good and see what your options are....
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    I spoke with Good about their server. It seems pretty good except that they only support the 957 and 950 series blackberrys along with the Treo 600 (upcoming) and Goodlink device. They will not be supporting the newer 6210, 7210's etc which have the new Java language. The Good rep was telling me that Java wasn't a standard and was a proprietary device. I am not that much in touch with the newer BB devices but it seems to me that using the Java OS on the newer devices should be less proprietary but who knows.

    Anyway.. Good server is nice but they have to support all BB units to be successful.

    I am still looking for the equivalent of the desktop redirector that Blackberry has for the Treo.
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    That's exactly what I would like, too - something that acts just like a Blackberry (including syncing calendar and contacts), all from a desktop redirector. That way I'm the only one who has to do the configuring (and pay for the software...) I hope someone develops a solution like this soon.
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    I own neither a Blackberry nor a Treo, but I really need to start reviewing email while commuting (via train). I see a lot of my fellow commuters on the train with Blackberries, and I would consider getting one, but the Treo seems like it's nearly the ideal all-in-one device. Luckily, my boss is getting a Treo via TMobile next month, so I'll let him solve all the email problems before I get mine.
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    Check out basejet. They have a new release and have cleaned up a lot of issues with their software. It's something to try. (There's even a free trial)

    It will not be as good as the blackberry but it may be better than BC. (and cheaper)

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