Greetings Treo'ers.

I am considering purchasing the Treo 270 for use with my current T-Mobile plan after returning the Danger Sidekick.

What happened was I first bought the sidekick and was dis-satisfied with it. I then purhcased the 3650 and ended up selling that then returned to the sidekick again however now its done with. I just returned it to Circuit City and I am DONE! I honestly just hate that unit now because of the fact that Tmobile and Danger are using it as a gimmick thats very closed where a user cant even install their own software.

Imagine, they even refer to the memory system with the term "BLOCKS" as in you have 1000 blocks left or you need 133 blocks to install xx app. besides that, the unit is aimed towards teenagers and I feel pitty for anyone that cant see that.
Anyways, enough with the sidekick.

I dont know if the treo has the capability of having live email notifications (using GPRS) as in when email comes in it notifies you immediately or do you have to set a "check email" timer?

Here I am at this point in search of a good deal (prefereably under $200) to get this treo 270.

The only thing I have seen thus far is's $179 - $100 rebate which equals to $79.
Although this is not a bad deal, i hate waiting for that rebate. It took 2 1/2 to get my $150 off of my 3650.

I tried searching ebay but its all $200+.


Any recommendations, tips, welcomes, etc.