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    I agree with silverado. The bulge gives the phone a bit of character. You get used to seeing it right away, then when you see a flat GSM version it seems to be lacking something. This is a very minor issue.
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    Originally posted by kmwmtd

    Interestingly, the depth of both phones is given as the same - 2.2cm. Is this a mistake in the documents, or is the GSM version thicker for other reasons - for example, the SIM card slot?
    I think they're just ignoring the added thickness of the "bulge" in the CDMA version, given that it only occurs in a very small percentage of the phone's surface.
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    I have been sitting quietly reading the boards while waiting for the 600. After reading alot of threads I have wanted to say something but after reading some of the responses in this thread, I now must comment.

    Don't some of you have better things to worry about than whether the damn earpiece on your possible upcoming phone has a bulge? I am simply amazed at the wasted energy and overall negative attitudes about something so inconsequential.

    Why don't you go complain about something that matters or something that might make a difference.

    I think a motto some should live by:

    "Enjoying technology and being a geek do not have to coincide"
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