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    And just in time!,+08:04+AM

    This will be a powerful and great "push-email" alternative for the Treo600! So who here is gonna be using this anyway?...
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    iIf only Good (or anyone else) could develop a desktop forwarding solution as well - something that handles the wireless calendar sync. I won't be able to get my employer to install anything on our Exchange server. I emailed Good and asked if they would have a desktop forwarding solution and they said no.
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    yep - if the IT folks wont install anything on the server, then you're destined for the redirector world. So then - in the new 600 world, we can hope that the new BC client (hopefully updated elegantly by Seven) will be better than it was before. I wonder if we might want to take a look at VersaMail from Palm (but does have an Outlook redirector? I can't remember). Since the new client app from Seven is supposed t come bundled with the Sprint 600, maybe it's been nicely updated.
    This whole email issue is one that I'm most interested in - I use and love TreoMail now and am curious/concerned about my options with the 600....
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    CenterBeam offers a Hosted Exchange service with GoodLink support for Rim/Good/Treo 600 handhelds.

    For mid-sized companies though, not yet for individuals.

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    We're a small company using the GoodLink service for our field sales force and tech team. We're addicted to it. Two of us (to start) will be switching to the 600's as soon as we can get our hands on them. We really like the G100s, but the convergence key.

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    I'm saying more than I really know here, but I'm sure everyone wants to know how the "push" technology is going to work. I asked our Good rep and he confirmed that the user experience was the same as with the G100, e.g. messages arrive on your device very soon after they are sent (in my experience they show up anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or so behind popping into Outlook connected live to Exchange).

    As for the technical details, the Good app is always running in the background on the 600, and it sounds like there's an SMS "trigger" that prompts the app to connect to download new messages.

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    I currently use a G100 and love it. I want a T-Mobile Treo 600.

    Anyone know how to get Good on it? Do you need to buy it through Good, or can you buy it and have the Goodlink 2.1 software added?
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    My guy said you can get it through Good mid-late October or you can buy your own and install the software. Remember, Good started by installing onto RIM Blackberrys, so they should have that part pretty knocked by now!

    There is a rebate program for anyone who activated a new G100 in the last few months, too.
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    Sprint: mid-October
    ATTWS: by December

    T-Mobile/Cingular: Unknown time, but will happen.

    You can bring your own device and have the software added or purchase directly from Good.
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    The more I read, the more I like...
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    If you need a desktop solution, you can try Basejet . I had good experiences with it overall (some bumps during beta), but a really good product that you can install on your desktop PC and allows you to get e-mail on your Treo. It works with Outlook, Lotus Notes, Pop3 and IMAP. The only thing it does not do is calader sync.
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    Event Information

    Event: Close Sales Faster! Enterprise Wireless Messaging & Data Access. First Look at GoodLink on the NEW Treo 600 for Executives.
    Date and time: Oct. 7, 2003 11:00 am
    Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -07:00, San Francisco)
    Change time zone
    Panelists Info: Rick Osterloh Group Product Manager for Good Technology, Calin Pacurariu Group Product Manager for Handspring Panelist Entrance
    Duration: 30 minutes
    Description: Keeping communications open between Sales, customers and the corporate office to take advantage of opportunities, satisfy customers and outpace the competition is what wireless communications is all about.

    Imagine having the power of full Microsoft® Outlook®, including attachments and business application access integrated with voice capability, web browsing, that co-exists with thousands of Palm OS industry standard applications on one device. GoodLink running on the Treo 600 allows employees to respond faster to emerging situations in real-time. Any customer-facing employee will know more sooner and take advantage of opportunities before their competitors, serve customers more efficiently, and close more deals faster.

    The Treo 600 combines a compact, phone-like design with a full QWERTY keyboard that is small enough to fit on this compact device but still big enough to enter text quickly and accurately. So you'll get the best of both worlds-a great phone and a great messaging device-without compromising size, form or function

    Please join us for a first look on Tuesday, October 7th, 2003 from 11:00 to 11:30 a.m. and be one of the first to experience GoodLink on the new Treo 600.
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