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    I just dig listening to my books and my news on my player.

    I was digging on the idea of leaving it at home and using the new Treo 600 for listening, after all it has all it takes, right?

    Well Audible policy line is that it does not support the new Treo. I am figuring out that they initialize the device in some way to make it play its files. Even with that I am not sure why their files would work on a Tungstun T and other selected PalmOS 5 devices but not on the Treo.

    I have already email hopes that it is in the works.

    Does anyone have any experience making it work....of course without the pain of having to play the files via the soundboard into a MP3 file?. Or does it just work and Audible is just talking policy?

    Would anyone join me in sending more requests to HS for them to get the Treo "Audible Ready".

    Just like everyone here....I am impatiently waiting.....waiting.....for the release.

    It will not stop me from getting my 600 but it would be nice.
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    FWIW, I think I saw an Audible rep at MP today...
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    hi, please look up text 2 speech on this site,

    Please follow the entire thread. I am dsiabled so all of my reading is thru audio books. being compatable with the audible system would be great, but the system is proprietry and very expensive to do all ur reading thru. esp sicne my audio boosk are provieded free from the talking book library of the antional library services divsion of the lib opf congress. The only thing is u must be disabled 2 use the system and the files are analog on a modified cassette and reorded at 1/2 speed in monoral format and played on a specially modified tape player. that is available from the libray of congress.

    Therefore, I was looking for something that would allow me to listed to audio books from cd or other format.

    talking books from cd are of course availabel on p2p software.

    Howevewr, there is a far more intestesting issue diecused in the thread I have eluded 2 above.

    Thsi software which should be release shortly wil take any text file and turn it in2 a tlaking book. Ebook fiels are far more compact that audibles system with far more avaialbe. Thsi ssystem will also read any text files from the internet such as this thread or articles from the newspaper and magaizines online.

    The program itslef is very small and you should be ableo to fit the program with about 50 to 100 ebooks on a 256 SD . Plus the program is very inexpensive the firm is called, told me that they should have the software up and running b4 they year is out and it will work on palm 4.0 and up.

    Until the Library of congress converts it's fiels to a format called DAISY and makes the fiels available in a digital format it is the best of optiosn out there. I have spend the last 5 years looking into thsi situation.

    BTW there is a device called the book port which is already availabel 4 the disable to turn text 2 speech or play any electronic format into speech, with a synths. voice. I have used it and even 2 someone who does a great deal fo reading a week by listening (usually over 6 novels a week, unabridged),

    However, u can lsiten online to system and it uses a "real" voice that is a snap 2 listen 2.

    Please anyone intestested in text to speech or talking books on your treo 600 please email to urge them along 2 hurry it up!

    4 me this si a great boon, only a treo 600 instead of my pda, cell phone, mofied walkmand to play libray of congress tapes!

    Take care, Jay

    ps if anyone wants or has further info u can contact me at
    (ps sorry about the horrid typing it has been avery bad day for using the computer, due to a pain flare up.
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    I tried the palm version of Audible on the Treo 600 emulator, and it appeared to run, but the graphics were a little messed up (it seems it was designed for a 320x320 screen). But, the buttons seemed to work, and no error messages were given (but couldn't verify because the emulator doesn't produce sound).... So, I think it WILL work. I did email them at well, and basically got the message that they 'do not support it at this time'
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    Just got my reply from HS.

    It is amazing that they can find autotoms that can answer email.
    They replied with no information and links to nothing more than their homepage. Gosh I have been there many times in the last six months.

    Well the program works on the emulator and that is great, even if the screen is not perfect. However that doesnt mean that running the files under the software it will play, does it?

    Please add your comments to HS...although I bet a lot have already about developing support....because it seems as everything else is in place for Audible on the Treo..

    Obviously their supporting it doesnt mean it will or wont work.

    and we will all have to wait and see.
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    I would love to be able to play archived radio broadcasts (esp. NPR) as I do on my laptop using RealPlayer. NPR also has streaming using or Windows Media or RealPlayer or Quicktime. Does anyone know of a way to make this work on a Treo 600. Would be great to listen on the fly while out in NYC, without having to manually transfer mp3 files versions of them.

    Any ideas?

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