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    Somebody help a novice.

    Could someone please explain what "unlocked" means?

    I use AT&T, and from some of the posts on this board it sounds like it will be a couple months before the Treo 600 is available for AT&T. Could I get an unlocked phone sooner than that and make it work for AT&T? How? Are there any disadvantages to doing this?

    Thanks for the enlightenment.
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    gsm phone usually come locked to the carrier you got it from. This is to prevent you from getting a phone cheaply from one carrier, but use it on another carrier.

    an "unlocked" phone can be used with any carrier.

    so, if you don't want to wait, get an unlocked treo 600. which btw, you will probably only be able to get directly from Handspring.
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    "Locked" means there is software in the phone that limits the phone's use to a single carrier. Carriers do this when they subsidize a handset so the owner doesn't buy the phone from them and then turn around and use it on someone else's network. Carriers subsidize phones so that they can collect monthly fees from the user. If the user moves to a different network, then the subsidy is lost.

    There are two disadvantages to using an "unlocked" Treo600 on AT&T's network. First, it is likely to cost $100-$200 more...i.e. you won't get a subsidy on the purchase price from AT&T. Second, Handspring is developing carrier-specific software that improves performance (or at least user-experience) with each of the carrier partners. If you use an "unlocked" phone, you won't get the benefit of this custom network software. That said, there is a big advantage to using an "unlocked" phone. You will have a phone that you can use anywhere in the world....which is important if you travel a lot. Alternatively, on many phones people have learned to"crack the code" and unlock previously locked GSM phones, so buying a "locked" Treo600 doesn't necessarily mean that you'll never be able to use it on a different network.
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    Thanks for the response, Felipe.

    It sounds like the unlocked version will allow me to get the thing sooner and switch carriers down the road? If so, I can handle paying a little more money for an unlocked version.
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    Thanks for your response as well, Scrinch. I've been in a bind for the past month because my current cell phone busted, and I decided I would try to go phone-less until the 600 came out. (It's been reeeaaallly difficult.) Getting a phone sooner is worth some extra cash.

    Also, I don't mind paying an extra $100 or $200 to be able to switch carriers down the road.

    One thing that troubles me, though, is what kind of AT&T-specific software I may be missing out on. What kinds of software do they make that I won't have if I go with an unlocked one?

    Thanks again.
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    I spoke again today with Susan Yost (Handspring Marketing & Sales) and she indicates that the unlocked offering from Handspring will likely be announced and available around mid October. Handspring will have a promotional upgrade incentive for existing users. They will have a limited window of opportunity (3 weeks) for existing Treos users to take advantage of this. I could not get her to share any $ specifics of this promotion. My interpretation of this as an AT&T user is that I will likely be able to obtain an unlocked Treo 600 by mid October directly from Handspring. If I wait, my carrier will likely have it available sometime in early to mid November. It makes no sense for AT&T to subsidize this for anyone other than new subscribers. They may have some promos related to number portability though.

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    That is great news confirmed to what I have been told as well. So hopefully I can get an nice cdma for Verizon's network.
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    Nat Man,

    Any chance of getting an unlocked Orange UK model directly for HS, I want black if possible?


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    Originally posted by PalmMD
    That is great news confirmed to what I have been told as well. So hopefully I can get an nice cdma for Verizon's network.
    Good luck. Unlocked offerings only apply to GSM handsets not CDMA.

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    I think unlocked is being used as a general term. How about generic CDMA phone. Since HS is loading carrier specific software they can sell you one with no carrier software on it and then you can goto Verizon and they can load their carrier specific software. But of course if it doesn't say sprint on it, Sprint won't let you turn it on.

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