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    OK, I've looked all over the web and am stumped. How do I send a "backspace" using PalmVNC and Treo 300. Highlight a URL in the address bar of your browser (ideally this would be for a web site they don't let you surf from work, harrumph). How do I erase it?

    For benefit of future searchers, to send "right mouse" just hold down the phone book key. (I found that on the web, at least.)

    And an off-topic question: will the treo 600 emulator allow me to decide whether the web browser is good enough to pay for the upgrade? That is, will it finally display the text entry box on Will it allow for the popup windows on OWA?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Of course no sooner had I clicked "submit" do I find that this is a known bug (see

    Surprised no one has noticed this on TC, however.

    My emulator question still stands.


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