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    I am trapped in Colorado. I thought I would take the liberty of making a Mission Possible thead so I don't have to dig all over this crazy discussion to find bits and pieces of info.

    If you were at Mission Possible (or have a cousin whose roomates brother's girlfriend's uncle who was serving drinks at the cash bar there) please post your observations and findings here.

    This will also prevent people from posting the same info twice, at least until this thread gets about four pages deep.
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    Looks like you don't need an ivite. It's cool, because the crowd size is reasonable.
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    > ...It's cool, because the crowd size is reasonable.

    That's uncool for a company trying to sell a gajillion to survive.
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    > ...It's cool, because the crowd size is reasonable.

    That's uncool for a company trying to sell a gajillion to survive.
    As always seizing on any whiff of negativity, eh? How are those short positions doing, BTW?

    Crowd size can be reasonable if the venue size is large and this was a secret event anyway.

    I know in Boston they are doing it in a large restaurant of multiple levels which usually doesn't serve lunch, so overflow could be unnoticeable.
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    WirelessDoc, sounds like you're there - I just had a thought. I saw that "one lucky operative" is going to win a Treo 600...why don't you slip the lucky winner this website so he/she can report to us? Assuming, of course, they get the unit before release, and assuming, of course, that the lucky operative isn't you...
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    A few of us are here. I'll tell the winner about the site. Unless of course, it's me. I promise to donaye $500 to charity if I win.
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    A doctor is doing a demo of the ease of stylus-free ops. This phone is so small in person, even a tad smaller than the mock-ups. You won't look goofy holding it to your ear, IMO. More to come. Wee-Bit says hi.
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    Thanks! Woudn't it be great if someone on these boards won? They wouldn't work for a few days...
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    It has a great speaker. He just showed off the M:I theme. Ery loud (it was miked). Great sound effects on an Asteroid-type game.
    MP3 sounds GREAT!
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    Cant wait to hear the details! See if you can find out anything abou the colors each carrier will put out, specifically if we can get a gunmetal GSM version directly from Handspring. Also if MP3 can be played out of a stereo headset. Thanks!

    FS: GSM Treo 600 with Accesories.... here.
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    Just saw a Matrix trailer. Video was usable, not Full Screen. I want one.
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    Just saw a Matrix trailer. Video was usable, not Full Screen. I want one.
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    Supposedly, the radios have been improved. HS recognizes the 270 was a problem. Will be an update prog!!!! Aggressively priced.
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    Form factor, battery life, cost motivated lo-res, CSTN. Nothing new here.
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    I just can't get over where our technology has taken us. Here is a dude that I "know" via this board, wirelessly emailing us updates on a demo of new technology in a city 4 hours away. No matter how jaded you are, you just HAVE to be impressed.

    If he had a 600, he could be sending pictures! A year from now, he will be feeding us live video of the demo from the 600 via a 3rd party app of the Mission is Still Possible launch of the PalmOne Treo 645.

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    By the way, using the KB for 5 seconds, I made a ton of typos. A few seconds later, I think it's readily usable. Perhaps a minor speed drop. More to come.
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    Great updates...

    when they say the radio has been improved, are they talking about GSM or CDMA?

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    Colligan, "We're working with Verizon." No answer to the question of selling an unlocked CDMA version, he just said that you could roam on their network.
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    Both radios are better. If anyone else is here and reading this, I'm right behind the seated people, typing away frantically.
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    skfny, you're da bomb!
    Thanks for the up to the minute, live updates!!

    Now back to our reporter, live at Mission Possible...skfny
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