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    What time should we be expecting posts from today's mission possible?
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    Those of you who attend please get details on this. Thanks and enjoy the Treo 600!
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    I need to sell my current SmartPhone before I get this one.
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    I thought I recognized the name of first biz card drawn for the 600, and I sent him an email saying that when Ed couldn't find him, I yelled (not really), "Why don't you call the cell number listed on the card?" I thought maybe the guy had just stepped out or something.

    Here's his response:

    "Thanks for the heads-up, Bill. I got pulled out of the launch meeting near the end by my boss, who wanted to leave because he already got a sample. Now I hate him."

    The speeches and the overhead demo did kind of drag. But it was good to have the opportunity to talk directly to the tech and design people from Handspring. Also, there should be a law against powerpoint when you've got the goods right there.

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