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    Originally posted by diliprc
    Hey guys,

    Well I just ordered a treo here in jakarta from a place at ratu plaza. Hes charging me around US$800 but i m still taking it cuz i cant wait any longer. Will probably get it by thursday. will let u kow after messing around with it if its all that worthit!
    diliprc and JDave, thanks for sharing and please keep us Jakarta folks posted! USD800? Damn! I guess I can live with it if they're selling it for USD700 in Malaysia. But there's another thread here that stated AUD700-900 selling price in Australia. If true, that would be a pretty big $ difference.
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    I was also considering getting the Treo 600 from another country if price difference was say USD200.

    But my concern would be warranty issues. If I bought one locally, then if the unit malfunctioned within a few weeks, I could easily swap for a new unit.

    I'm not sure if I can swap for a new unit locally if it were purchased outside my country. If it were not possible, then I would gladly pay the premium locally for peace of mind.

    I suppose it would depend on the distributor and agreement with Handspring. Maybe worthwhile checking out.
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