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    I really look forward to using the Treo 600 as an mp3 player - I'm not sure if there's a hardware/software limitation but a 512MB flash-based mp3 player would be sweet. My concern is that as far as I know palm-based products like all other SD products require real player to transfer mp3 files - that's so unfortunate. Please tell me someone knows otherwise.
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    Get a cheap SD card reader. Not only will your speeds for accessing the SD card be faster than with a hotsync, but you'll be able to see the SD card in your Windows Explorer.
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    The MP3 player software you get will determine whether or not you have to transfer with a hotsync. There are two software packages, PocketTunes and Aeroplayer, that allow you to use an SD card reader on your PC to put the MP3s onto the SD card. I use PocketTunes all the time and I have never transfered an MP3 via a hotsync. I believe that at least one carrier is including PocketTunes as part of its software bundle.
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    Is the headphone jack stereo?

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    I hope that HS has fixed the memory card limitations that were an issue previously. I certainly hope the headset is stereo otherwise its just mute.
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    Originally posted by daftgem
    Is the headphone jack stereo?
    Yes, the headphone jack is stereo.
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