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    So much anticipation and excitement running through all these threads its unreal!
    does this remind anyone of a certain book we all read back in grammar school?!
    this is exactly the kind of unbridled excitement you felt when you were reading CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY for god's sake! Everyone is trying to find that GOLDEN TICKET into this mission-possible meeting! Incredible or what!?
    if the treo 600 doesn't win best pda-phone ever invented, it sure as heck will win the phone that created the most verve and x-mas time-like joy for everybody here!!! GOOD LORD!!!
    That certain WILLI WONKA genius from handspring we've all grown to know definitely draws some damn close similarities in this case! The hat is off.... Lol!!
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    Wow, that sure came out of nowhere.
    Not all treasure is silver and gold.
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    ....this is not to say that i'm any less hyped than anybody else is... I'm waitin' in line myself!!!
    what is it.....10 days and counting? ,)
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    I am very astonished to the fervid and busy traffic at treocentral lately. About mid-april, these boards were pretty quite if I recall. Now there's soooo many new threads every day its unreal!
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    I wasn't a member at the time when the first treo family entered into the mainstream, but all I can say is this is something!
    my feeling is that after handspring is absorbed by palm, we are going to see some very enhanced versions of treo 600.
    palm knows how important the bluetooth and screen res are to people, and I have a feeling they will update it just as they did with the t2. Exciting times to be around!
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    I hope for HiRes but not too soon if I decide to buy one I don't want to lose my money 3 months later. I figure Palm will release some lower end units first then in about 12 months come out with a new hi end model.
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    actually, that would be a great idea. making lower end units- that is. this way palm could grab the interest of some cautious, prospective buyers, and once they see how much the treo adds to life, theyll want to upgradeto higher end devices. best way to help the treo line survive. the US, oddly enough, doesnt seem to have as much interest in smartphones as other european and eastern countries do, but that will change with more exposure.
    i know what you mean about not wanting to waste money on low res if upgrades appear a few months later, it will be hard to wait on them. i have a sneaking feeling youre going to see them... and soon enough!
    as soon as palm sees how treo sales perform, they will put enhanced features into play, to strengthen and draw additional public interest toward this product line.
    personally, i think smartphones are going to phase out pdas, but it will still be a decent while before they do..
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    I must admit ... I don't get all the fuss about a high resoluton screen. I am not into games on my phone ... I don't really do much in the way of photos. I just want the SD slot and improved battery and enhanced form factor. Sure, I do want to be able to see the screen in daylight outdoors ... but I just don't get all this discussion about better graphics. I mean ... this is a phone, right? Am I missing something?
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    i can see where you are coming from. but where i think hi res would come in handy is when you are viewing websites - some sites will have very miniscule links or titles that are nearly impossible to make out with low res.
    now if you really dont use the web very much, maybe thats not so much an issue, but if you are on the road and are looking for information links but cant see them on your favorite sites, you end up with headaches trying to decipher things.
    hi res would also help with the camera photo clarity, granted thats not a feature you need. well, future lo res models may be camera - less treos... hard to tell.
    i just think hi res will enhance all of the treo`s capabilities if you are going to use it to record or view high quality images.
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    Based on the pics I have seen lately the 160x160 isn't so bad. I would still prefer 320x320 but that may be a ways out yet. What's in the pipeline may be a lower end Treo 600, but then again they could just consider the T600 the low end and flip us upside down.

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