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This experience with customer service has made me ponder TMobile. Here are my concerns:

- Using Wireless Modem while out of town, my connection drops every 5 minutes on Sprint. Better w/TMo?
- Roaming. I've seen differing opinions as to whether you will be able to roam on TMo in a non-red area (from their map). If I go to Wyoming or South Dakota, for example, will I be able to place calls?

If TMo looks like a good fit for us, hub's going to switch over as soon as number portability is available. Despite my only paying $6/month, Sprint apparently doesn't realize that alienating the wife is likely to upset the husband as well.
While I sometimes get good service from Sprint Customer Service, I do not expect it and avoid calling. I get much better service from T-Mobile.

I just spent a week in Austin and Round Rock with my Treo 270 and experienced no problems. My brother and my nephew live in Round Rock and are T-Mobile customers. On the other hand, my best recollection is that I have never had a Sprint problem in Austin either.

You will not likely get T-Mobile coverage in Wyoming or South Dakota. On the other hand, you will not get Sprint PCS there. If you want coverage there, you need a phone with analog backup. I get T-Mobile in Monterey, CA but no Sprint PCS. There are dark spaces with either.