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    I use Outlook 2000 (on XP) as my desktop email client, and a handspring Treo 180 as my palm. I used the Mail app for syncing but it will only do filtering on from/to/subject, not when the mail arrived. My inbox is about 900 messages and I only want the latest messages to sync to the palm.

    I then tried Eudora as part of the EIS package. Many improvements over Mail, and can filter on the most recent messages only. Got the sync set up, but it stumbles on the full sync

    The eismlog file ends like this:

    Reading from PC----Successful----Subj:Welcome to From: Date: 1048505460----
    Reading from PC----Failure----Subj:Welcome to From: Date: 1048505460----
    Sync Completed at 08:43:55

    The hotsync log goes like this:

    HotSync operation started 09/24/03 08:43:12
    OK EudoraWeb
    -- Eudora
    - Could not read next message from the Desktop Mail System's Inbox.
    -- Mail
    - The following message was truncated on the Handheld:

    If I end up moving the 'trouble' mail messages from the inbox to a temp folder, it will pick another to complain about. I did read the EIS readme item about messages that have unreadable attachments but these 'problem' mails are ASCII only....

    So folks - any solutions to this? Is there a hack for Palm mail to do time based filtering? Can EIS be fudged to really work? Or is there another (pref. free) email app that can do the syncing thing... Guess this is a long standing problem with no solution from a quick usenet browse....

    In anticipation...


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    I've found sort of a workaround for this... move most or all (i started with all) of your emails from inbox to another folder, say, one called "holding". Then hotsync. This should finish with no errors. IF you get errors there, I don't know what to tell ya.

    Then, move emails back to inbox and sync, say, 5 or 10. Sync again.

    From there on, you should be able to move everything back to inbox and sync again (but keep the number of mails synced at a time low, i have mine on 25). hopefully you should be ok. I don't really know, because I haven't tried it long term, but it worked for now.
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    hi dirtygeek

    thanks for letting me know of the trick. I have managed to try it in the past by moving parts of the inbox over to a 'temp' folder. It does work when only looking at syncing 25, when the inbox is small. Any bigger combination results in trouble.

    For some unknown reason, eismlog.txt always trips up on a particular set of emails to stop processing. Even moving these to the temp, it will still find it!

    I've just done an experiment. Move all >9 month old emails to temp. sync only eudora. Read log file - amazing! It wants to read the mails which are in the temp folder first NOT THE INBOX?!!!?

    What crazy rules is this sync software using!

    I can't trust it - I will have to do as you suggest - only have 25 emails on my treo! And manually spend a minute moving mails every hotsync!

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    well see, what I did was syned it with ALL emails out of the inbox - totally empty. Then I synced it again with less than 25. AFter that, I moved all of them back to the inbox, and from then on out it only synced the first 25 - as it was SUPPOSED to do in the first place. I'd try that, not sure if it will work for you. coulda been a fluke
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    I was hoping this thread would solve my similar problem, but not quite. I recently upgraded from Outlook 2000 to 2003. I run Eudora EIS and use Eudora Mail on my Treo 300. Always worked fine.

    Since the upgrade, I had the problem that's all over this board where you get security warnings and fixed that by upgrading to Chapura 3.1.6. That's great.

    But Chapura is only for Contacts, Notes, Calendar, and Tasks and is not the conduit for mail.

    So when I HotSync, It starts as always with Eudora Web (no problems) and then goes to Eudora Mail and get that horrendous pop-up:

    "A program is trying to access e-mail addresses you have stored in Outlook. Do you want to allow this? If this is unexpected, it may be a virus and you should choose No."

    Of course I choose Yes, but then Eudora Mail sync starts but abruptly ends and it moves on to sync Contacts, Notes, Calendar, and Tasks via Chapura. That all works great. When it's all said and done the log shows:

    "-- Eudora
    Could not read next message from the Desktop Mail System's Inbox."

    I tried your trick of moving everything out of my inbox and it syncs ok with nothing there (woo hoo), but as soon as I put even 1 simple msg in there, it has this problem.

    I figure this is either because (a) the security in Outlook 2003 or (b) the new mail format Outlook 2003 uses - thanks Bill.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this? I see that for the Clie which uses Intellisync instead of HotSync, they came across this problem and released a patch. I also see that Palm release some conduit patch for Palm Tungsten's using the Palm Conduits. The standard Mail program on the Treo actually syncs fine, but I hate it and want to keep using Eudora. Eudora hasn't been updated in 2 years, so I'm wondering if there is no hope here.

    Please help!

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