Again I face the problem that some applications cannot properly
setup a serial connection from Treo's connector to external devices.

In this specific case, I connected a GPS mouse to a Treo 180g, and
although M&S "Online" proves that the physical connection is working
(the NMEA messages from the GPS receiver are correctly displayed),
all other apps (TomTom, CetusGPS, ...) don't receive anything.

I tried various settings in the preferences and I tried it with the
connector's HS2 (MDM) line pulled low or left floating, but still no
success. Only "Online" is able to receive the data and display it.

Because the apps mentioned above generally aren't available
as source code, I'm now desperately seeking for a workaround.
Maybe a hack exists that, when launched in advance, reconfigures
the Treo so that apps always get connected to the "real" serial port,
and not the internal GSM module nor IR nor...?
Some "undocumented" dot command?

Thanks for your responses in advance