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    My reception indoors is appalling and I'm trying to figure out if it is the coverage, the 270, or my unit in particular. Basicly, if the room I'm in doesn't have a window to the immediate outdoors, nothing gets through. No rings, voicemail, internet...nothing. I can be in an area with 4 bars of coverage and as soon as I walk through a door I get a blinking red light. Recently I was staying at a hotel, and to make sure I didn't miss any calls I had to place the phone on a chair right next to the window, and it took quite some time to find a spot on the chair that worked. Later, I was walking through the same hotel and my gf was having a conversation using someone else's phone (different carrier) through all the hallways and even on the elevater (it did get a little choppy on the elevator though.) The whole time I was staring at my phone blinking red. It is really frustrating getting no reception at work. And it isn't like I work in a coal mine, I'm on a college campus with cell stations hanging off every third building.

    So what do you think? Is it the 270, my phone or the coverage? Maybe T-Mobile just got assigned really crappy frequencies in my area? Any ideas?
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    Well, so far 41 people have looked at this and there have been no replies. I'm not looking for an expert opinion here. It would be really helpful to me if people would just tell me whether or not they have the same problem.

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    I don't have the same problem!
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    There are some places that you walk in and the reception cuts out completely. I've found that often if you turn off the radio, and turn it on again, you'll be back to full bars. This happened to me just today in an airport. Then there are places where the service is just crappy. I originally went with T-Mo (then Voicestream) because a parent who came into my classroom for a conference was interrupted by her cell phone ringing. I'd never gotten reception in my room on I switched. Three traditional phones and a Treo 270 later...I've still never gotten reception in my classroom. But I get reception other people don't. I think it's cosmic.
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    See... you inspired people to answer you. In my area, T-Mo does not have as good coverage as CDMA (sprint) companies do. Which technology gets into a specific building would depend on signal level (distance from tower and transmitter power), and frequency used.... So that's hard to tell.

    I do have problems in one building I work in. Lots of concrete block, steel framing, rebar in the walls. If I go out on the back loading dock, it gets reception.
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    Thanks everyone for the input. I guess this area is just really lousy for Tmo. At least it isn't my phone.
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    While I love my treo reception is an issue. Tmobile offers me the best coverage package overlall as a businessman. However I would love to be able find a booster for my treo. I have been able to find antenna adapter at and booster that really work however a Treo adapter has yet to arise does any one know of one?
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    I would agree, that my reception in buildings is horrible, even with nearby windows it can suck, even in wood bldgs (like my home )

    I'd like more info on boosters, do they work, i was sent one as part of a "accessory package" it looked like a cheap sticker and i was too lazy and scared to tear apart the Treo to stick it inside there?

    Do antenna booster stickers work??how would I take apart the back of the 270?

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