The one compatibility issue that I hadn't thought about, and may be a sticking point in my plan to upgrade, is the question "Is there any VPN support available in the Treo 600?"

Now, with my Treo 300, I currently use Mergic, but after looking over their web site, it seems that they are not really supporting PalmOS 5 yet (they have a built-in solution for the Tungsten C, but they down offer a product for any other device).

I also checked Movian, which again did not seem to really suggest support (although they were a little more vague). When this thing comes out, is there going to be any solution that will allow me to create a simple PPTP tunnel? I don't need IPSec or anything else that complex, just a simple VPN.

If not, shame on HandSpring for not making sure that this is ready at ship time.