View Poll Results: What do you think of the Camera and Low Res Screen?

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  • I love the Camera! Woot!

    24 24.00%
  • It's ok, would have liked higher quality.

    36 36.00%
  • I don't care if it has a camera, does not affect my purchase decision.

    18 18.00%
  • I will not buy it because of the camera.

    2 2.00%
  • Take off the camera and put on a high res screen.

    19 19.00%
  • If it's worth having, then it should have been done right!

    1 1.00%
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    I would think if you're discrete enough with the phone's camera you could get away with it. At the VERY least I can take pictures of girls I meet at regular bars for when I'm too drunk to remember what they look like the next day. That way when I get their numbers I can decide whether to call them or not when I sober up. I can also avoid the embarassing situation of meeting up with them without being sure of what they look like!

    Treo 600 - a drunk's best friend. How's that for a marketing campaign? Yes, I do need help.

    BTW, I would much rather have HS dump the MP3 player than the camera.
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    I meet a lot of people as a Realtor. Everyday, I would add a few names specially after an open house (future prospects?) in my address book, but can I remember what they look like after 3 months? No way. So I thought maybe a camera on my cellphone would do the trick, with their permission, of course. Then I can have the picture and the name in my address book. What a great idea.

    In my business, it will also make a good icebreaker. People actually like to see themselves in pictures.
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