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    I like the looks of the 600, but due to policies at work against possessing a camera of any type on premises, cannot purchase one. Is there anyone else in the same situation who would like a 600?
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    This has been beaten to death in many other threads. In answer to your question, however, yes, many others here would like it without the camera.
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    Would be nice to have a camera-less version with hi-res display /bluetooth or wi-fi instead!

    Otherwise, I guess you are going to have to wait for a second hand T600 with a broken camera to appear on Ebay.
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    put some duct tape over the lens. seriously modify it.
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    I personally would tape around the lens and then pain the lens in high gloss black paint. Then it would not look altered from afar, but to security it would clearly be painted over and thus useless as a camera.

    I work in a secure lab that has not yet banned camera phones. Iím sure it will happen soon enough. When it does, I will just paint the lens. Iím not buying the phone for the camera, Iím buying it for the integrated PDA.
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    Sure, but I actually used my I700's camera this weekend for quick shots when we were shopping for future ideas. The camera is nice, but I could care less about a 1.x or higher mp camera like some have commented. I have a 5mp sony digital and thats fine.

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