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    I'll ask again since you brought it up again.

    What device will use TI's Wanda???? How much will it be?? When can you get one????
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    Originally posted by dan_herzlich
    Time to get a petition together telling Sprint that unless the loyal treo users can buy the 600 for under $400, without new activation, NOW, we will never consider buying it.

    Number portability day, November 24, is rapidly approaching and you have a lot of dough invested in your PCS network. If anything, you should be seducing us to stay with your network.

    And will all you people please stop calling Sprint telling them how desperate you are to have the 600?

    I don't want to hear anymore about this "niche" crap.

    To have to wait another 6 months for the price to drop to a reasonable level is unacceptable. There are plenty of other pda/phones available now or will be soon, that have better features and more of a chance of staying on the market. You'd better wake up to the competition.

    I've got a service plan with Sprint, and every time my 300 breaks, they can send me a new one, I know they have plenty still left on the shelves. My contract is up in two months. After that, It's hasta la vista, babeee.

    Look back on the posts written on how much people are in "love" with this "premium" device, and how ridiculous they look now. NOw for all your enthusi-orgasm, you're getting the royal shaft.

    Not married to the treo,

    speak for yourself im getting it...its well-priced seeing as how its got palm os 5...hs did amazing to get os 5 out there on the market so soon...that and an ARM proccesor and 24 getting it...if you dont like the price wait for it to drop to 99 dollars but dont complain to us and ask us to boycott the phone we are all ANTICIPATING...that just ruins it for people...about "waking up to the competition....there is NO compitition...treo is number 1 hands down...and the price is completely reasonable...why dont you do a search and see how much the parts go for.
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    Originally posted by dan_herzlich

    Dig the TI's wanda: GSM/GPRS, wi-fi, bt simultaneous phone calls, web browsing, mobile commerce and intergrated DSP-accelerated multimedia apps. You'll never see that in the treo line.
    Umm...I can't believe I missed this thread until now! I say, please get the Wanda and go away...please!

    Btw, don't get too restless waiting another 6 months until the Wanda is released!
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    dan u r thing 2 much of what u want we all would like it chaeper, but it isn't sot hat is life. i am sure u have more in ur life than to make up a boycott of hs. In fact, I can thin of a numberof charities, incluing the one I help run that can use ur effort. thansk and take care, jay
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    Originally posted by Lazybird

    Your post got me so worked up I just had to register for this forum.

    I agree with an earlier reply:

    Buy something else! Nobody's making you buy the Treo 600.

    Why on earth should you get (or expect) a discount just because you fancy a new mobile phone. Bizarre!

    Good job! I think my first post was something like that! Welcome to TreoCentral!
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    Originally posted by dan_herzlich
    Oh, and who determines demand? The folks who are not willing to consider the market value and will buy blindly.

    And what recourse do I have why I can't get decent support from Sprint, or the countless hours wasted on the phone, returning phones, picking up the new phone. I can take the loss when its my time involved which equals money. But when it comes to negotiating, these companies are sacrosanct. I should charge Sprint by the hour for the time lost dealing their nonsense. People don't figure that in when they fall in love.

    What motivation will companies have to change and improve their service if their consumers blindly buy anything that's thrown at them with no chance for input.

    My point is that these companies are far from achieving a monopoly and very soon they'll pay for their indifference as the market really loosens up.

    Now that I remember, a couple of times I had Sprint lower my bill because I felt I put up with too much nonsense. More people should do this, and leverage their strength in negotiating a fair deal.

    If anyone should ever do business with me, you'll wind up crying in your beer. You will be absolutely miserable. Sheep need to be shorn.

    In this post alone you're just talking smack. We all know that SPCS has customer service issues, and you have to deal with it, or change carriers and stfu... ohhh you LIKE the phone and service tho? then deal with it and stfu. I used to get pissed... I know there's nothing much i can do, I work them for some credits here/there, but generally, i dont need to call in. I do dread when I do, and pray it's my lucky day. I hope it gets better.

    Blindy thrown at us? Notice how the kyocera didnt have exactly everything, like thhe treo, like all of them. Notice how Sony has a clie at every friggin price point, and models replacing, then end up in clearance.. filling in more price points. NUTS. They cant truly give you everything you want in one device yet, so they do research, and try to get some sort of happy mix.

    This is about the happiest mix so far, and really... 500 isn't a big deal, I'm no millionare, but 500 isnt all that much bread for some upgrades, all-in-one. I didnt get the 300 long ago, and I wont let this pass me by, I need an upgrade, and this is perfect for ME, and plenty others. I like the "pennies" a day reference made about the reduction after x amount of days. Why wait? That's just torture
    The FREE phones, and huge discounts that carriers give really warp peoples mentalities these days. "Wow if they can give me 200 off, that must mean they were making MORE than that on profit all this time"

    On a personal note, not to offend(he he), nothing you've said has had really any merit, you've made an *** out of yourself, which you prolly dont care, you're a *****, you're good at it, and you love when people dont like you. I'm not going to say dont post, you arent hurting my feelings at all. These boards are fun and informative. I anticipate more of your posts
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    I find it interesting that you're demanding an even lower price on the Treo. If I recall other then the earlier Treo's and clearance of discontinued phone/PDAs the Treo is the least expensive non-MS Smartphone out there. If it wasn't for the fact that text input on MS Smartphone was via T9 so they're not really a productivity device I might agree with you about the cost.

    As for all the people blasting Sprint I've been with them for 5 years and I've never had a problem with customer support. I even get a discount because of my insurance company. My only problem with them is that they have fallen behind on their voice packages and they've rolled back prices on their data plans from their earlier greatness. I'm going to dump them as my carrier but not because of service or coverage. I'm going to dump them because I like the convienence of being able to swap phones around without having to get someone else to provision the phone.
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    I'm going to dump them because I like the convienence of being able to swap phones around without having to get someone else to provision the phone.
    Hopefully number portabillity will force both Sprint and Verizon to look into R-UIM card to provide customers the ease of switching phones like GSM users can do. It sounds like the R-UIM can even be used in a GSM phone. Here is a link about the R-UIM Technology. It mentions being able to use the R-UIM in both CDMA and GSM handsets. When put in a GSM phone it acts just like a SIM card and all of your contacts go with it.

    I plan on sticking with Sprint for now. The GSM coverage and technology currently in the US is just not that good. Maybe when some of the GSM carriers start to merge this will change. I have a great plan and price that no carrier can currently match and includes unlimited data.

    I am hoping that the next Treo will use the new Qualcom GSM/CDMA chipset and include an analog capability, and the R-UIM technology that would allow a single phone to go almost anywhere and work.
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    Originally posted by lnichols
    I am hoping that the next Treo will use the new Qualcom GSM/CDMA chipset and include an analog capability, and the R-UIM technology that would allow a single phone to go almost anywhere and work.
    Thanks Inichols, great link

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